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Randy’s play HIM was one of twenty scripts selected for production from more than
2698 entries at the 2nd Annual Sacramento 2-Page Play Festival presented by
SacActors.Com.  The play ran from September 16 through October 30, 2005 at the
Geery Theater in Sacramento, California.  The script is posted at
SacActors.Com and
is available to schools and theaters.

Testament, a new music drama, is a two-track satirical journey of the Old Testament
from the creation to the exodus.  After reviewing
Testament, Paul Baker, the former
director and founder of the Dallas Theater Center, remarked "You know don't you no
one will ever produce this play because it would be too expensive to mount.  However,
if I were younger, I would do it."

ICKY'S TOOLBOX, a new one-act play, is a black comedy about birth, death, and the
short life in between.

Daddy's Party, a full-length play, is about an estranged family reunited by the imminent
death of an abusing and molesting father.  Some cling to denial; but others seek
closure, forgiveness, and answers to the possible murder of a sister.  All end up
discovering the old man's love for them.

On The Edge is a full-length play that tells the story of abused children and the ups and
downs of the dedicated individuals who work to protect them.

MAHAZAR AG DOD! (Please just stick to ing'glish) is a full-length play inspired by
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Coming soon...  
Along the Raging Renegade, Two Places, One River.  This new full-
length play is about racism on a high school football team and how forced integration
disrupts the life of the Caucasian star and the dire consequences that follow.
Copyright 2006 Randy Ford

Randy Ford Playwright